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Graduate Program

Schools Program
Mechanical Engineering Automobile Engineering
Mechanical Manufacture and Automation
Mechanical & Electronic Engineering
Mechanical Design and Theory
Industrial Engineering
Ground Weapon Mobility Engineering
Material Science and Engineering

Material Science

Material Processing Engineering

Material & Chemical Engineering

Instrument Science and


Precision Instrument & Machine
Measuring Technology &  Instrument
Weapon Watch & Precision Guide
Electrical Measurement Technology & Instrument




Communication & Information System Signal and

Information Processing

Optoelectronic Information Capture and Processing

Computer Science and


Computer System
Computer Software and Theory
Computer Applied Technology
Biomedical Engineering Microorganism & Biochemical Pharmacy
Mathematics Basic Mathematics
Probability & Statistics
Applied Mathematics

Operating Research and Control Theory

Statistics Statistics
Business Administration Accounting
Enterprise Management
Tourism Management
Technical Economics and Management
Intellectual Property Management
Applied Economics Labor Economics
International Trade
Industrial Economics
Regional Economics
Chinese Marxism