Chinese Study

Chinese Language Training Program

1.Eligibility for the applicants

   Aged between 18-60 and in good health

2. Contents of study

    Chinese, Chinese Culture, Chinese Arts, Chinese Sports, Chinese Folk Customs and  Practice, Chinese History

3. Time for starting classes

    Every September

4. Application Deadline

    End of every August

5. Teaching arrangement

    A. Teaching of Chinese language

To enhance the ability of Chinese listening, speaking, reading, writing, the following courses are offered:

Required courses including speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, etc

Elective courses including listening of Chinese news, audiovisual and speaking Chinese, movie appreciation, Chinese newspaper and periodical reading, business Chinese, translation, Chinese history and geography, Chinese culture, outline of Chinese society, Chinese culture, are appreciation, etc.

     B. Setup of Chinese classes

Three kinds of classes are set up: BeginnersChinese classes, intermediate Chinese classes and advanced Chinese classes. After enrolment, students take HSK (Test of Chinese Proficiency)