Chongqing University of Technology (CQUT) has a glorious history of 70 years. All the CQUT people are extremely proud of being part of CQUT.

In an era of globalization, no higher educational institution can afford to ignore the international integration in the field of education and must be actively involved in the process of its internationalization. CQUT is no exception. Thus, we put strong emphasis on cooperation with other universitites across the globe and are fully committed to the joint cultivation of globally minded talents. So far, we have established ties with colleges and universities in over 20 countries, and have received over 500 international students for study and exchange from U.S. A., U.K., Germany, Russia, Belarus, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, Kazakhstan and Congo, etc.

China, a country with splendid cultures and a long history, as well as fastest growing economy in the world, holds huge promises for all bright young people from all over the world. Chongqing, the largest municipality directly under the administration of central govenment, boasts its unique cultures and colorful life totally different from other cities n China. CQUT is now a destination for many bright young people who aspire to experience China and meet its friendly people. By providing you with excellent teaching faclities, colorful campus life as well as laying you a solid foundation of Chinese culture and language, CQUT will feel proud of your future success.

A bosom friend afar brings a distant land near. On behalf of over 25,000 CQUT people, I’d like to extend our welcome to you to CQUT.