General Information

Since 2003, we have undertaken a large variety of sophisticated research issues including National 863 Advanced Programs, Natural Science Foundation of China, National Social Science Foundation of China and major programs of Chongqing, producing increasing costs and research achievements. We have also undertaken over 500 research programs at provincial and national levels, costing 280 million yuan; published about 5000 papers in domestic and international academic journals and symposiums, 800 of which are collected by the three search tools including SCI, EI and ISTP; published about 180 textbooks and works; applied for 314 patents, 199 of which are authorized or publicized, including 7 authorized invention patents and 136 utility model patents; and acquired one national award in research, one Chinese patent gold prize and 76 provincial ones. In recent years, about 170 research achievements are transferred or adopted, generating direct economic profits of approximately 800 million yuan.

We have been authorized to build a laboratory under the Ministry of Education and an engineering research center under the Ministry of Education. We have built a productivity promotion center under the Ministry of Science and Technology, 11 key laboratories of Chongqing (the engineering technology research centers and humanity and social science bases), two backup key laboratories and two backup humanity and social science bases at the university level as well as 32 research units at the university level. Trough integration of manufacturing, educational and research units, we have established joint laboratories and research centers for long-term collaboration with Changan Automobile, Chongqing Construction Group, Chongqing Zongshen Group, Shanghai Shuangjie Technology Company Ltd., MSC.SOFTWARE Company of US, TOP R& of South Korea, and D Research and Development Company etc..

Our research covers multiple fields of science, business, management and economic science, forming its own scientific advantages and characteristics. For example, we have obvious competitive edge in Chongqing in terms of the disciplines of vehicle, materials, electronics, accounting, economy and management etc.. Especially for the discipline of vehicle, we have been gearing to the main battlefield of market and insisting on conducting researches over Chongqing’s polar industry of automobile and motorcycle sector, bringing about great achievements, so the discipline of vehicle became a key discipline listed in Chongqing’s “Tenth Five-year” Key Construction Program, which facilitated the establishment of Automobile College in our institute.

In the future, we will continue following the guidelines for university management, the distinguished feature of integrating manufacturing, educational and research units, the major role of theoretical and applied research, the highlights of serving the military industry and the local economy, as well as the orientation of promoting the “double transformation” of scientific achievements into industrial production and teaching in an effort to achieve sustained and harmonious development of research.