College of Language

Dean: Wang Wei ping

Tel: 86-23-62563191


The College of Language of CQUT was established in 2012, formerly known as College of Foreign Languages set up in March, 2003. Seven sectors have been established including Department of College English Teaching and Studies, English Language Department, Department of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, Postgraduate English Teaching and Research Office, Language Laboratory, School Office, and Student Work Office. The school currently holds 82 teaching staff, among which there are 75 full-time teachers, 23 teachers with professional title of associate professor and above, 1 young and mid-aged university core teacher, 5 excellent teachers in Chongqing, 2 perspective star teachers at university level, and 7 excellent teachers of the university level. The teachers receiving a Masters Degree or Doctoral Degree account for 89%, and over 50% of the teaching staff have the experience of working, studying or doing researches overseas.

The English Language Department adopts the guiding principle of realistic, innovative and learning for practice to cultivate the interdisciplinary foreign language talents with solid foundation for English study, high humanistic quality and strong awareness of innovation. The Department of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages is devoted to cultivate high quality, interdisciplinary and global-visioned talent who are sufficiently capable to teach Chinese as a foreign language and highly competent in cross-cultural communication. Both teachers and students of the school perform remarkably in teachers teaching skills competition and various students English language contests.