Chongqing Intellectual Property College

Dean: Su Ping

Tel: 86-23-62563376


Supported by government authorities as Chongqing Intellectual Property Office and other key enterprises, Chongqing Intellectual Property College of Chongqing University of Technology was set up with the approval of Chongqing Board of Education in December, 2007, to establish a new innovative mechanism of alliance of government, enterprises, universities, and researches. Its the first intellectual property college in southwest regions as well as the only intellectual property college independently set up according to the strategic planning for west China to cultivate and train professionals in intellectual property fields.

Chongqing Intellectual Property College possesses a group of vigorous, pioneering and innovative teaching staff. The college has 33 teachers equipped with professional knowledge in the fields of engineering, law, and management. The teachers who have obtained or are working on a Doctoral Degree account for 70% of the full-time teachers; professors and associate professors account for 70%. The college has 15 faculty members including guest professors, part-time professors, part-time researchers, and part-time teachers, who are from the relevant government offices, large enterprises, scientific research institutes, and other universities. There are currently two departments; the Department of Intellectual Property and the Department of Social Work. The Intellectual Property is the only undergraduate program authorized by Ministry of Education in middle and western regions. In 2010, the college took the lead to recruit postgraduates on Intellectual Property and Technological Management of MBA, and on Intellectual Property Management.In 2011, under the primary discipline of Business Administration we are allowed to independently set up the secondary discipline of Intellectual Property Management which is authorized to grant masters degree.In 2011, the academic orientation of Technology Innovation and Intellectual Property Management upgraded to the key academic orientation in Business Administration in Chongqing.

Since its establishment, the college has become increasingly influential both at home and abroad. In October, 2010, the National Intellectual Property Training Base (Chongqing)was established in Chongqing Intellectual Property College with the approval of State Intellectual Property Office. the first “Chinese writers literary art products copyright protection research baseco-initiated by the college and Chinese Writers Publishing Group led by China Writers Association was set. In recent years, our college has cooperated with overseas government intellectual property department, intellectual property industry association, colleges and universities from countries like America, Japan, United Kingdom, and Holland; which has laid a solid foundation to cultivate global-oriented talent in intellectual property.