College of Ideological and Political Education

Dean: Xiong Xiao yan

Tel: 86-23-62563094


The College of Ideological and Political Education of CQUT is a secondary scientific research institute for ideological and political education which is independent and under the direct leadership of university leaders. Its functions include managing teaching staff of ideological and political education in a unified way, taking charge of work related to the ideological and political education, scientific researches, and the relevant social services, assuming responsibility to help with the construction of Theory of Marxism, talents cultivating, and teaching and research team building. The college has established the teaching and research office for Marxism study, the teaching and research office of ideology and politics, and the research center for the study of western China conditions. The college currently offers Chinese Marxism” and is authorized to grant masters degree. The college has 52 full-time teachers, among whom there are 12 professors, 22 associate professors, 10 Doctors (including Ph.D. Candidate ), and 25 Masters. The school is also endowed with other talented faculty, including one expert receiving the state council special allowance, one young and mid-aged university core teacher in Chongqing, one excellent teacher in Two Courses(the course of Marxism and the course of ideology and politics) in Chongqing, three experts on the study of ideological and political theory, and one famous teacher at university level.

In recent years, the college has made strides in teaching building and reform, including one excellent course at municipal level, three excellent courses at university level, one teaching team at municipal level. The college has undertaken more than 100 projects from National Social Sciences Fund, Humanities and Social Sciences under the Ministry of Education, Chongqing Social Sciences, Chongqing Social Sciences Planning, Humanity and Social Science of Chongqing Board of Education, Chongqing Soft Science Research, Teaching Reform Research of Higher Education in Chongqing, and United Front Research in Chongqing, etc. The school has published more than 350 papers and 10 monographs, winning 5 Excellence Awards on Social Sciences in Chongqing, and 12 Outstanding Achievement Awards on United Front Research in Chongqing.