College of Accounting

Dean: Li Ming Professor

Tel: 86-23-62563143


It was in 1988 that the university started recruiting undergraduates majoring in Accounting, and the School of Accounting ofCQUT was set up in 1993. Currently, the School of Accounting offers four undergraduate programs including Accounting, financial management, Computerized Accounting, and Auditing, among which Accounting is the provincial key academic field, which is among the first municipal characteristic programs and now the characteristic program at national level.The accounting discipline has been rated as ministerial key discipline by the former Ministry of Ordnance Industry in 1995, and transferred as municipal key discipline in 1999, and also the only key discipline of finance and accounting during the period of “tenth five-year and eleventh five-year plan” in Chongqing. It was authorized to grant master’s degree in 2002. The “Research and Development Center for Finance and Accounting” is the only key research facility for humanity and social science in finance and accounting in Chongqing. In 2008, both “teaching team in Accounting”, “teaching team in Computerized Accounting” have been rated as the teaching teams at municipal level in colleges and universities in Chongqing, winning one excellent course at national level, eight excellent courses (Elementary Accounting, Intermediate Financial Accounting, Accounting Computerization, Financial Management) at municipal level in Chongqing, two high quality courses (Comparative Accounting Study) in postgraduate teaching. In 2008, the“experimental finance and accountingteaching center” was rated as the experimental teaching demonstration center for institutions of higher education in Chongqing. In 2009, the “experimental plot for mode innovation of talents cultivating based on differentiation strategy was rated as the experimental plot for mode innovation of talents cultivating in Chongqin.

The College of Accounting attaches great importance to the overall improvement of students knowledge, ability, and quality, especially the spirit of innovation and practical work experience. We believe it enables the graduates to acclimatize themselves to the demands of various jobs and enterprises; gaining respect from employers.