College of Optical and Electronic Information

Dean: Professor Zhao Mingfu

Tel: 86-23-62563271


College of Optical and Electronic Information offers three undergraduate programs—Applies Physics, Electronic Information Science and Technology, Photoelectronics Information Science and engineering, which cover 3 first-level disciplines—Physics (Science), Electronic Science and Technology and Optical Engineering (Engineering). Our school sets teaching and research institutions such as Department of Applies Physics, Department of Electronic Information Science and Technology, teaching and research sections for university physics, Physical Experiment Center, Photoelectronics Information Experimental Center and Applied Technology Institute as well as a master degree program for the second-level discipline —“Photoelectronics Information Acquisition and Disposal”.Currently, there are 50 regular teaching staffs, among whom there are 44 full-time teachers, 7 professors, 19 associate professors, 10 master tutors and 22 doctors. Staffs with senior titles account for 59%, and doctors account for 50%.

There is 1 Chongqing university innovation team of “Modern Photoelectric Detection Technology and Sensing” and 1 university research innovation team. The three disciplines "Optoelectronic Material and Device, Photoelectric Detection Technology and Sensing, Photovoltaic New Energy Technology and Application” are all unique. In the recent five years, our teachers have hosted 15 projects of National Natural Science Foundation, being one of the schools undertaking the most of this project. We have undertaken more than 30 provincial projects, 1 defense pre-research project and a number of horizontal projects, with a cumulative funding of over 10 million yuan. We obtain over 40 National Patents for Inventions and Utility Model Patents, 5 third-level or above awards for provincial scientific technology, 2 software copyrights, and publish 6 academic monographs and textbooks. Besides, we have published over 800 academic papers, among which over 300 are included in SCI、EI and ISTP.

Our College has established “Physics Experiments Center” (University Experimental Demonstration Center of Chongqing) and “Opto-Electronic Information Experiment Center”. We possess 1200 (sets) advanced teaching and research facilities, and our laboratories have an area of 5,000㎡. There are also high-level research-based teaching laboratories for “Optoelectronic Materials and Devices”, “Photoelectric Detecting Technology and Equipment”, “Photovoltaic New Energy Technologies and Applications”. “Physical Experiment Center” and “University Physics Demonstration Laboratory” have been the public experimental platform of our university and Chongqing, which provide good conditions for carrying out various discipline contests at national and provincial level, and for student to carry out innovative experiments. We also undertake the public physics teaching of our university. Among these courses, “College Physics Experiment” is one of our college’s excellent courses. In the past two years, 40 students in our school have achieved remarkable records in various extra-curricular science and technology competitions, obtaining 4 national awards, 15 provincial awards.