College of Mathmatics and Statistics

Dean: Professor Cheng Xinyue

Tel: 86-23-62563058


College of Mathematics and Statistics has several teaching and research departments.  Department of Information and Computing Science, Department of Applied Statistics, Department of Applied Mathematics, Teaching and Research Section of Higher Mathematics and Mathematics Laboratory, High-Performance Computing Center, Institute of Applied Mathematics. We offer three undergraduate programs —Information and Computing Science (Engineering Calculations and Data Processing), Applied Statistics, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (Mathematical Finance). There are two master degree programs for first-level disciplines— Mathematics and Statistics, of which Mathematics is a key discipline of Doctor Construction Project of CQUT, and Applied Statistics is a university specialty.   

Teachers with doctor’s degree account for 53%, including 1 academic and technical pacemaker of Chongqing and 1 candidate, 38 professors and associate professors. In the past 5 years, the school has hosted six projects of National Natural Science Foundation, over 20 provincial projects and a number of horizontal projects, with a research funding of nearly 6 million yuan. In addition, we have published more than 250 papers, of which more than 40 papers are included in SCI, and published nearly 10 academic monographs in Springer Press. Part of our research in mathematics has been on the domestic and international advancing level.

Our school has a good channel for external communication, and carries out extensive cooperation and exchange at home and abroad. In recent years, we have invited over 60 domestic and foreign famous experts and scholars to give lectures and visit here, such as academicians from Chinese Academy of Sciences—Professor Zhang Weiping, Professor Li Anmin, Professor Guo Boling, and Professor Shen Zhongmin, the director of Mathematics Department of Indiana University - Purdue University as well as Professor Chen Min, the famous statistician, vice chairman of Chinese Mathematical Society etc. Group of teachers has been invited to attend important academic conferences, give academic lectures and pay visits at home and abroad.

With the concept of “strengthening foundation, emphasizing practicality and enhancing application”, our school has strengthened cooperation with local governments and enterprises, and strived to cultivate students' professional ability, social adaptability and employment competitiveness. We have continually improving our specialties, building brand disciplines, and have achieved remarkable results. Our students actively participate in various discipline contests and obtain excellent results. Only in the last three years, over 50 students have won national first prizes and other national and provincial awards in contests such as National Mathematical Modeling Contest.