College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Dean:Professor Quan Xuejun

Tel: 86-23-62563180


Chongqing University of Technology used its engineering expertise to establish the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. In 2002, disciplines such as Chemical Engineering and Technology began to recruit students, and after 10 years of construction and development, this discipline has achieved outstanding results. Now our college has become an important base for high-quality chemical personnel training and high-level chemical research in Chongqing and Western China.

Currently, there are 3 undergraduate programs in our school—Chemical Engineering and Technology, Process Equipment and Control Engineering, Applied Chemistry, and 2 master degree programs for second-level disciplines—“Material Chemical Engineering” and “Chemical Process Equipment”. We set teaching and research institutions such as Department of Chemical Engineering, Department of Process Equipment and Control Engineering, Department of Applied Chemistry, teaching and research section and experimental teaching center for Basic Chemistry, Chongqing Silicon Producing and Applied Engineering Technology Center, Chongqing Anti-Corrosion Coating Engineering Technology Center, Remediation Engineering Center for Contaminated Sites of CQUT, Institute of Chemistry Engineering, Institute of Chemical Machinery, Institute of Fine Chemicals, Institute of Chemical Engineering. There are 49 teaching staffs, including 43 full-time teachers, among which 18 possess senior professional technical positions, 30 possess doctor’s degree. Teachers with doctor’s degree account for 69.8%. Also, we have a teaching laboratory building with an area of 3,000㎡ and with a collection of more than 5,000 books.

In the past three years, we have achieved productive results in the field of New Chemical Materials, Biocatalysis, Molecular Design, Environmental Chemicals, Separation Engineering and Equipment, Process Equipment and Control Technology, Pharmaceutical Machinery, Process Enhancement and Energy-saving, Wastewater Disposal etc. Currently, we have undertaken more than 100 projects such as Technology Supporting Projects in National "Eleventh Five" Plan, National Natural Science Foundation, provincial scientific research projects, as well as a number of produce-learn-research cooperation projects, with a funding of more than 20 million yuan. Over 260 papers are published in core journals at home and abroad, and over 100 papers are included in SCI and EI. Besides, we have obtained more than 20 patents and won 5 provincial scientific achievement awards.

We put emphasis on undergraduate education and adhere to both theory and practice. A good academic atmosphere is formed based on the principle of “unity, diligence, truth-seeking, pragmatism and innovation”. Aiming at “cultivating first-class talent and making first-class achievements”, and targeting with developing students' innovative spirit and practical ability, we make great efforts to train senior professional technical and management talents who can satisfy requirements of regional economic construction and chemical industry development. Our professional services involve chemical, military (including the disposal of energetic materials, hazardous waste etc.), environmental protection industry, bio-engineering, process equipment, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, materials and other fields. In addition, our college also attaches great importance to exchange and cooperate with famous domestic and foreign institutions of higher education. We have established good inter-school cooperation relationships with a number of well-known universities and research institutes in United States, Japan, Australia, France, Canada and other countries.