College Pharmacy and Biological Engineering

Dean: Zheng Yiming

Tel: 86-23-62563184


College of Pharmacy and Biological Engineering focuses on cultivating talent in the pharmacy industry and gives service to the development of this industry.

There are four undergraduate programs in our school—Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Biological Engineering, among which Pharmacy is a key discipline of Chongqing’s “Twelfth Five-year” Plan, Pharmaceutical Engineering is a specialty with unique characteristics and advantages in our university. Also, we have 2 master programs for the first-level discipline—Biomedical Engineering, and for the second-level discipline—Microbial and Biochemical Pharmacy, , and 1 master program for Biomedical Engineering. There are 2 provincial engineering centers, 1 experimental teaching demonstration center of Chongqing, 2 industrialization demonstration bases, and 2 laboratories jointly operated by enterprises and our university. Besides, we have been developing cooperative relationship with more than 10 enterprises on technology and personnel training, and possess well-established research platform and personnel training conditions.

Currently, there are 15 professors in our school, including a part-time academician, a national-level expert, and 5 provincial-level experts. All leaders of the major disciplines have studied or worked abroad.

Our college encourages “entrepreneurship" and give emphasis to the college philosophy of "building a healthy life with knowledge, wisdom and perseverance". We adhere to the educational idea of “sometimes instruct, frequent help and always encourage”. Also, we attach importance to the quality of education; implement tutorial system throughout the course. Our students have solid professional foundation and good overall quality. They obtain excellent results in national competitions, and after graduation, they work as the backbone technicians and management personnel, whose comprehensive quality are well received by communities.

We have established a medicine research platform that has undertaked over 90 projects such as National 863, National Natural Science Foundation, National Key Scientific and Technological Projects, National Fund for NewDrug, International Cooperation Projects, Chongqing Key Scientific and Technological Projects and Business Cooperation Projects. Among these, there are 12 national and provincial new drug innovation projects. We have developed a High-power LED Operation Shadowless Lamp that can adjust color and temperaturecontinuously, a US Urinary Sediment Analyzer and a multi-parameter monitor and other critical medical devices.

In the last three years, we have secured research funds of 26.84 million yuan, and published more than 300 papers in core journals at home and abroad, of which more than 80 are included in SCI and EI. We obtain over 20 invention patents and achieve over 8 provincial scientific and technological awards.