College of Materials Science & Engineering

Dean:Du Changhua

Tel: 86-23-62563170


The College of Materials Science & Engineering is a rapidly developing secondary college. Departments include: the School Office, Student Affairs Office, Department of Materials Science & Engineering, Department of Material Forming and Control Engineering, Department of Polymer Materials and Engineering, Department of Welding Technology and Engineering, Central Lab of School of Materials Science & Engineering, Materials Analysis and Testing Center of CQUT; undergraduate programs we offer include: Materials Science and Engineering, Material Forming and Control Engineering, Polymer Material and Engineering and Welding Technology and Engineering; among them, Material Forming and Control Engineering is a national featured program and Material Science and Engineering is a municipal featured program.

The college boasts a team of highly capable faculty. Now it has 58 full-time teachers including 19 professors and 28 associate professors, among whom 41.4% have a doctor's degree, 31% have their master's and 82.34% have an engineering background. There are 13 core talents at the provincial (ministerial) level and above, including 1 national candidate for the New Century Talents Project, 8 experts receiving the state council special allowance, 1 candidate for the Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University of Ministry of Education of China, 2 academic pacemakers of Chongqing and 1 reserve, 5 young and middle-aged teachers receiving the awards of "University Core Teachers of Chongqing", 1 second level candidate for Chongqing "322" Talent Plan.

The college has advanced scientific equipment and excellent experimental facilities and maintains close ties and stable links with many large and medium-sized enterprises. The college also has an "Auto Components Manufacturing and Testing Technology" laboratory, Chongqing Laboratory for Mold Technology, Chongqing Mold Engineering Technology Research Center, Chongqing Special Welding Material and Technology Engineering Research Center, C3P Joint Center between CQUT and Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU) and Surface Engineering Sub-Center of Chongqing Light Alloy Engineering Technology Research Center. Floor area of our existing labs is 3300m2; large experimental instruments and equipments we have include scanning electron microscope, wide angle X-ray diffraction, simultaneous thermal analyzer, glow discharge spectrometer, nano scratch test system, high frequency pulse ion nitriding furnace, multi-function ultra-high vacuum ion plating machine, rapid prototyping machine, laser 3 D scanner, numerical controlling machine tools and 630-ton oil press, and such design and analysis software like UG, DEFORM, DANAFORM, MOLDFLOW are also in our possession.

In the past five years, the college has conducted more than 300 scientific research projects which include National Natural Science Foundation of China, sub-project of Military-Industrial 863 Projects and Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University of Ministry of Education of China. Faculty members have published over 400 academic papers as the first author, of which 150 have been included in SCI, EI and ISTP.  The college has also obtained 8 patents for invention and published 25 monographs and textbooks. More than 20 awards have been conferred upon the college at the state and provincial and ministerial bodies. These awards include 1 second prize of National Scientific Advancement, 1 UN Award for Invention & Innovation, 1 National Quality Award, 1 Chinese Patent Award and 3 awards at the provincial (ministerial) level. And 16 scientific achievements have found industrial application, leading to a direct economic benefit of 300 million yuan.