College of Vehicle Engineering

Dean: Professor Mi Lin

Tel: 86-23-62563085


The College of Vehicle Engineering has always adhered to the principle of "embracing the southwest and serving the ordnance industry and local economic development of Chongqing";and maintained long-term cooperation with large enterprises in Chongqing in carrying out “produce-learn-research” projects with open-mindedness and innovative mechanism. It has formed its unique characteristics in vehicle transmission system testing, inspection technology, automotive crash safety and aerodynamics.

The College of Vehicle Engineering now has 40 full-time teachers. Of them, there are 11 professors and 16 associate professors, 14 people possessing a doctor's degree and 20 people a master's, 1 national candidate for the New Century Talents Project, 2 academic and technical pacemakers of Chongqing, 1 Bayu Scholar Chair Professor and 2 young and middle-aged university core teachers of Chongqing. It has 1 excellent teaching team and 1 innovative university team both as one of the first kind in Chongqing.

The college has establishedvarious teaching units such as Department of Vehicle Engineering, Department of Energy and Power Engineering, Department of Industrial Design, Department of Automobile Service Engineering as well as a Vehicle Lab; built a key laboratory of "Advanced Manufacturing Technology of Auto Components"under the Ministry of Education and a key laboratory of "Auto Components and Detection Technology" of Chongqing; and also established a vehicle simulation and test engineering technology research center and a vehicle dynamic systems and control engineering technology research center. The vehicle engineering discipline has longbeen a key discipline in Chongqing.

Undergraduate programs offered by the College of Vehicle Engineering include Vehicle Engineering, Industrial Design, Energy and Power Engineering (automobile engine oriented), Automobile Service Engineering and Armored Vehicle Engineering, of which Vehicle Engineering is a featured program of the national level involving such master degree programs as Vehicle Engineering and Ground Motor Weapon Engineering.

In the past three years, the College of Vehicle Engineering has undertaken 110 research projects involving National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Science and TechnologyBrainstorm Projects, Foundation for University Key Teachers by the Ministry of Education of China, Chongqing Brainstorm Projects and projects commissioned by enterprises. They also published 210 academic papers, obtained 8 patents for invention and published 10 monographs and textbooks.

The college concentrates on cultivating students' creativity and hands-on training. In the support of Chinese and German government, a Sino-Germany Automobile Professional Qualification Training and Certification Center was established in August 2012, which introduces German experimentation and training to improve students’ real applied knowledge. In recent years, students from our School have become active participants in a wide variety of competitions for university students such as Mathematical Contest in Modeling, Challenge Cup, Smart Car Competition, Automobile Energy Saving Contest, Robot Competition and Mechanical Innovative Design and obtained wonderful results; some breakthrough has also been made in students' application for patent. The graduates of our School have enjoyed fairly good employment; as the employment rate for graduates in the last few years are approximately 95%. Graduates are employed by state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises, joint-venture enterprises, administrative institutions and relevant universities and colleges as well as by research institutes. Typically graduates are engaged in R&D, manufacturing and management and marketing. With solid knowledge, abundant engineering practice and hands-on training, they receive favorable reviews among employers.