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Nobel laureate Dr. George F ·Smoot visited CQUT for Academic Exchange.
2014 Jun 11

The celebrated astrophysicist and professor of University of California Berkeley and Paris Diderot University, senior scientist Laurence Berkeley National laboratory and Nobel laureate George F·Smoot visited our school at our invitation on June 7th.

Dr Smoot visited the central water body r and the school history archive in the company of vice chancellor Huang Weijiu at 3 p.m.

After visit, President Shi Xiaohui met with Dr Smoot in the reception room of the library. President Shi extended a warm welcome to Dr Smoot and introduced our school in general terms. Dr Smoot first appreciated our invitation and highly evaluated our efforts for school developments. Then Dr Smoot introduced Berkeley in general terms as well as the tendency for Chinese students in America. At last, the ideas about the model and tendency of international education developments were explored. Vice chancellor Huang Weijiu attended the meeting along with personnel from Office of International Cooperation and Exchange and College of Optical & Electronic Information.

In the international lecture hall, Dr Smoot delivered a lecture on the subject of Mapping the Universe hosted by vice chancellor Huang Weijiu. Attracted by his reputation, 450 students and teachers overwhelm the lecture hall which can hold audiences to a maximum of 300. With a graphic diction and vivid pictures, Dr Smoot showed how we explore the preliminary stage of universe by means of Comic Scene Investigation and how we speculate what happened in this stage by observation of Relics of Creation and try to understand it to form scientific knowledge by studies. This lecture led audiences onto a mysterious, grand and fascinating universe travel as long as one hour.

Dr Smoot had interactions with students and teachers after the speech. He answered questions from actives students in details and encouraged us to develop critical thinking. Due to limited time, Dr Smoot could not answer them all. In order to talk with this Nobel laureate face to face, some students went for him with questions in the corridor of lecture hall after the lecture. Dr Smoot accepted it.

Dr Smoot is the first Nobel laureate visitor to CQUT. He sets an example of a scholar with rigorous scientific spirits to all of us. Though Dr Smoot just made a brief stopover, his wisdom would stay with us forever as host vice chancellor Huang Weijiu put it.