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Our Students Score Success in the Third Carrier Planning Contest for Higher Education Institutions in Chongqing
2014 Jun 24

Directed by the Chongqing Municipal Education Commission and Education Committee, the final of the third Carrier Planning Contest- Beaming Sun Cup was hosted in Chongqing Institute of Science technology.

Centered on the subject of “carrier planning makes your dream come true”, the contest is hosted with the aim of advocacy of occupational planning knowledge, promotion of an appropriate idea about job hunting and improvement of job hunting skills and competitive powers. In total, 21,204 students from 63 universities including Chongqing University, Southwest University and Chongqing Jiaotong Univesity, went go through four phases of the contest: preliminary contests on the campus, municipal quarter-finals, semi-finals, the finals. After elimination, 20 candidates competed for the prizes to the maximum of 10,000 yuan as a financial reward.

On behalf of our school, Hu Weiyu, a sophomore from the material and engineering department, participated in the contest and has been honored with the third prize and the best popularity reward as well as a contract of employment to a famous company. Hu said that this experience not only helped improve his occupational skills, also offered an opportunity for an insight into the carrier planning in the future. The director of Hu was awarded as one of the excellent directors.