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2013 School’s Opening Ceremony for International Students
2013 Sep 18

9 am, 16th September, schools’ opening ceremony of grade 2013 international students opened in old lecture hall in Huaxi campus. Principal Mr. Shi Xiaohui, Mr. vice principal Huang Weijiu, officials from Students’ Affairs Division, Graduation Division, Office of Educational Administration, Security Office, Logistics Department, International Exchange, School of Economics and Trade, School of Accountancy, School of Management, School of Language Study, along with professor Ruan Mingfang, director of Chinese department from Hanoi opening University, international students teachers and 109 international students were in the ceremony. Wang Yue, director of International Exchange hosted the ceremony. 

On behalf of the university, Principal Mr. Shi Xiaohui expressed warm congratulations and welcome to all international students from around the world. Mr. Principal emphasized that the scale for international teaching is expanding after a brief introduction of school development and education situations. This year, international students from Hungary, Russia, Belarus, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and Congo reached the amount of 109. Half of those students are working for their degrees. It is also the first time the international students beyond 100. Mr. Principal pointed out that school would try to make a good circumstance for study of Chinese, China’s culture and happy life for international students. He wished that international students should integrate into the life in Chongqing University of Technology, making new friends with students here and making full use of the resources. All their hard working will establish solid foundation for themselves and make contribution to the communication between China and their mother lands.

Professor Ruan Mingfang, director of Chinese Department from Hanoi Opening University delivered speech on behalf of Partnership University. Representative of international teachers Professor Zhang Mei, representative of graduate school international students Zhao Duohui(South Korea), representative of undergraduate school international students Ruan Qiuyin( Vietnam) and representative of trainee Li Si (Belarus) made speeches during the ceremony.

Mr. vice Principal Huang Weijiu announced the warded excellent graduate international students, undergraduate international students and trainees in 2012-2013 academic year. Principal Mr. Shi Xiaohui awarded prizes. Representative of excellent students Luo Xiaocha (Thailand) from school of Economics and Trade delivered speech. She encouraged international students to work hard and make contribution to the development of bilateral relations.