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Notice of 2014 Commencement
2014 Jun 24


From 8:00 am to 9:30 am, Monday, June 30th 2014

Ⅱ Place

The Stadium


1 The entire leadership of CQUT

2 All the members of the Committee for the Conferment of Academic Degree:

Shi Xiaohui, Li Guo, Zhang Xiaohong, Huang Weijiu, Deng Guohong, Liao Linqing, Chen Yu, Lin Zhihua, Wang Yue, Mi Lin, Deng Ming, Du Changhua, Li Shan, Yang Wu, Zheng Yimin, Quan Xuejun, Cheng Xinyue, Zhao Mingfu, Li Ming, Xu Gang, Xie Fei, Xiong Xiaoyan, Su Ping, Wang Jianmei, Chen Yuguang, Liu Jie and Zhu Jun.

3 The member units of the leading group dealing with student affairs (each of the following units is to select one in charge as its representative for the commencement):

The School Office, Department of Organization, Department of Publicity, Division of Student Affairs, Postgraduate Office, Admission Office, Youth League Committee, Office of Academic Affairs, Personnel Department, Financial Department, Security Department, Logistics Department, Bureau of State-owned Property, Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, Research Office, College of Ideological and Political Education, Department of Physical Education, Center for Information and Education Technology, and Library.

4 The CPC Administrative Committee of CQUT at Liangjiang New Area and each college are to select one in charge as its representative for the commencement.

5 Representatives of the faculty

6 MBA Education Center and Office of Alumni Affairs are to select one in charge as its respective representative.

7 Professor Hu Yamin, the founder of Hu Yamin Award for Authors of Outstanding Master Degree Theses

(All the participants above are to be seated on the rostrum)

8 Representatives of counselors and the Division of Student Affairs

9 Respective representatives of 2014 graduates with junior college degrees, bachelor degrees and master degrees and representatives of oversea graduates

Ⅳ Relevant Matters

1 Relevant departments should see to it that all the graduates with whichever degree and of whatever nationality are to be seated on the spot before 7:50am and to be kept in order.

2 Leaders who are master supervisors and will simultaneously be seated on the rostrum are to receive their academicals in the conference room of the stadium at 8:00 on June 30th.

Division of Student Affairs

Postgraduate Office