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Notice of Recommendation and Appraisal of Counselors as Candidates for the Award “Excellent Counselor” in 2013-2014 Academic Year
2014 Jun 19

Departments concerned,

In order to strengthen the team dealing with student affairs by awarding the outstanding counselors and setting them as encouraging examples to be followed, the work is approved and initiated to recommend counselors with a prominent performance in the 2013-2014 academic year as candidates for the award “Excellent Counselor”. Matters and procedures of relevant importance are as follows.

Ⅰ Valid subjects to be recommended.

Front-line counselors (counselors of graduates included)

Ⅱ Procedures of Appraisal

1 Assessment

Counselors are to fill in the assessment forms in accordance with the relevant requirements concerning the annual staff assessment stipulated by the personnel department. The assessment forms are to be submitted to the personnel department and at the same time one copy is to be put on file in the division of student affairs. (Counselors of graduates should also have another copy of their assessment form submitted to postgraduate office to be put on file.)

2 Recommendation

Departments dealing with student affairs and all the colleges are to select and recommend some counselors (counselors of graduates included) in certain proportion to all the counselors as candidates, and the recommendation table, enclosed in the attachment, is to be filled in and submitted to Division of Student Affairs before July 5th.

3 Decision

The division of student affairs is to make a preliminary appraisal by taking into consideration the specific recommendation tables proposed in the previous procedure in combination with the comments by the second-order units, and then to suggest a list of nominees that is to be submitted to the evaluation team for a group discussion and decision.

Ⅲ Awarding

The winning counselors are to be awarded at the annual honoring ceremony of CQUT.

Division of Student Affairs of the CPC Committee