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Notice of the 6th Outward Bound Month for Psychological Diathesis Forthcoming
2014 May 12

Departments Concerned,

The 6th Outward Bound Month for Psychological Diathesis is forthcoming in May 2014. In the theoretical framework of Positive Psychology and revolving around the theme “Beauty & College Life”, a diversity of psychological activities are designed, such as the individual growth team, the workshop, salons, supervising and group psychological consulting, all of which involve personal experiencing and are waiting for the students’ participation.

1 The theme of this Outward Month: Beauty & College Life

2 Time: May 14th 2014—May 27th 2014

3 A brief introduction to the theme.

From the psychological perspective, beauty is nothing but a feeling which is a subjective perception of an entirety yet does not demand the perceived entirety should be factually flawless and perfect in every aspect. It can be distinguished and manifested from masses yet is never directly related to misery or bliss. Human beings are always seeking, getting immersed in and experiencing the aesthetic properties of life; in this very constant and enduring aesthetic process comes into formation an aesthetic mode of life overflowing with harmony, sense of freedom and gaiety. A frequent experience of beauty is a key guarantee for the psychological health of college students. We should give priority to our own inner cultivation, try to sense the subtle beauty concealed in the intrinsic qualities and fuse life with beauty seamlessly in order to find and appreciate beauty with more ease and then put it into practice in our daily life.

4 How to join in Outward Bound Month

More detailed notices are accessible on our website. Information is also available at the psychological counselors and Center for Psychological Health. Another way is to visit our Sina Micro-blog@Center for Psychological Health and Growth Service of CQUT.

Division of Student Affairs