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Notice on the Final Round of the First Occupational Career Planning of College Student Competition of Chongqing University of Technology
2013 Jun 7

Each Department:
The details of the final round of the first occupational career planning of college student competition of Chongqing University of Technology are as follows:
Ⅰ.Time: 7:00 p.m., June 13th, 2013
Ⅱ.Place: International Academic Report Hall, Bo Garden
Ⅲ.Present Members:
1.School leaders
2.Department heads of Dean’s Office, Students’ Affairs Office, Recruitment and Employment Office and Youth League Committee, Director of Information and Educational Technology Center Professor Li Yan and Department Head of Human Resources Department, School of Economics and Trade Professor Tan Jianwei    
3.Person in charge of each college and instructor teachers
4.Student representatives
Please attend the competition on time!

                                              Recruitment and Employment Office, CQUT
                                                                                         June 7th, 2013